Peet’s Coffee Nespresso Compatible Aluminum Capsules, 80-count


  • Compatible with Nespresso Original Line Machines
  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • 80 Aluminum Capsules
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Delve into a deeper kind of dark with the complexity and nuances of Peet’s signature dark espresso, available in a convenient capsule that fits your Nespresso® Original Machine.
Explore all four intense blends with two 10-count packs of each.

• Compatible with Nespresso® Original Machines
• 80 Capsules
• 100% Arabica Coffee
• Aluminum Capsules

Intensity 11: Nerissimo: is espresso’s bittersweet, pleasantly biting answer to those who say you can’t have dessert all day. With milk or cream, bellissimo. Black as night, sweet as brûlée topping.

Intensity 10: Ristretto, like a concentrated “short pull” espresso made by one of our baristas, delivers a sumptuous truffle of flavor. Notes of crushed spice and rich fruit with chocolate smoothness.

Intensity 9: Crema Scura is inspired by the “dark crema” we work to perfect in Peet’s cafes. A thick and luxurious espresso with full bodied, earthy, nutty notes balanced by a creamy, enduring finish.

Intensity 8: Ricchezza appeals with richness rather than power. A study in the plush layered textures of a complex espresso with wine-like nuance and notes of blossom, berry, and brown sugar.

Each aluminum capsule is sealed to preserve aromas and deliver a more intense espresso experience and a richer, smoother crema. They offer stable brewing, an exact pull, and more consistent interaction with Nespresso® brewers. And with 100% Arabica, each capsule delivers the high-quality coffee sourcing that consumers expect from Peet’s.

Capsule Recycling Program:
As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’ve partnered with g2 revolution® to make it easy for you to recycle your Peet’s Espresso capsules. By collecting your used capsules and mailing them in to be recycled, you’ll be diverting waste from landfills. Learn more at

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